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Margaret Everton retires from judging

After a career spanning forty years Mrs Margaret Everton completed her final judging appointment last weekend at Scottish Kennel Club judging the Working Group. Her judging appointments have taken her throughout the world from America to Australia, Japan to Europe and many places in between.

She first awarded CCs in her own breed - Great Danes - at Leicester and gradually added in new breeds. At the start of her showing she showed her Danes and attended many of the evening sanction and limited shows in the Midlands where she learned a great deal about other breeds and listened to many of the top all rounders who judged there including Bill Pinches, Leslie Page, Bob Flavell and her mentor Joe Braddon.

Margaret spent lots of time with Joe stewarding for him at many shows and learning a great deal at the same time. She made up several champion danes including having a champion in every colour, but it was fifteen years into showing that she started to judge the breed. She also has Dachshunds but only as house dogs and does not judge them at CC level despite owning them for over 50 years. She never meant to judge but was encouraged to do so and became a popular judge of several breeds.

I asked if she had been impressed by any one particular dog in this time but she said that she had seen many good ones and that stars can be found anywhere in the world. Margaret also says that she found it interesting to watch how the strength of a breed changed over the years and from country to country.

She was gradually drawn into the organisational side of showing serving on the Midland Counties committee where she still intends to remain as secretary and for a time on the Kennel Club judges Sub committee. It was whilst she served as Chairman on this committee she did not go forward for any new breeds in order to avoid any conflict of interest and for the same reason she gave up showing. She has always enjoyed her judging and has fond memories of previous SKC shows but she does not intend to forsake the shows entirely and means to visit the shows at Malvern since this is only a few miles from home.

Her motto in life is to keep looking forward - the past is gone but there are so many good things to look forward to so focus on the future.

Sandra Johnston