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Margaret Everton judged the Terrier Group and her winner was Peter Walker's Skye Terrier Finnsky Future With Petwalk (Imp Fin)

The Pastoral Puppy Group winner was Kath Barette's Border Collie Dayrush Double Dodge

Winner of the Toy Puppy Group was Pauline Morgan's Papillon Tutyak Brodie seen with judge Brenda Taylor

Junior Handling class winners were Elisha Wilson (12-16 yrs and Best Overall) and Corey Stewart (6-11 yrs and Reserve Best Overall). Both are seen here with Junior Handling organiser Collette Allen

The winner of the Gundog Puppy Group was Andrew Baudains' Labrador Retriever Rocheby Brigadoon At Beauvoir

Seen with judge Margaret Everton is the Terrier Puppy Group winner Jackie Hurley's Bedlington Terrier Fralex Culibre Sapphire