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Hound Group

Afghan Hound

1 Mottershaw’s Nightwind Nobody But Me To Elangeni (Imp Deu). Grey brindle of 19 mths. Good head, eye, reach of neck, topline & tail. Good bone, coat & movement.

1 Mottershaw’s Int/Lux/Ger Ch Jacosta Black In A Flash To Elangeni (Imp Aust). By his titles a well travelled 7 yrs old black with a good head, reach of neck, legs & feet. Excellent stride seen in side profile. Perhaps a little short of coat but his maturity took him to BOB & G4.


1 Gorin’s Zovertoff Zoran. 2 yr old R/w in very good coat. Excellent presentation, correct head & matching eye, good shoulders, correct bone & movement. BOB.


1 Woodhouse’s Timamso Maestro Of Birybarn. Well constructed & balanced 3 yrs old. Good size, bone & reach of neck, level topline, good legs, feet & quarters & well carried stern. Moved & showed well. BOB & Gp2. 2 Woodhouse’s Timamso Amout At Birybarn.

WHIPPET An excellent high quality entry.

P (3) 1 Officer’s Eeri Norwegian Wood - Lt. fawn bitch of 9 mths. Good head & eye. Presents a picture of lovely curves. Nice size with good legs & feet. Moved & showed well. BP & PG1. 2 Hannigan’s Eeri Double Fantasy. 3 Walker’s Zafonic That’ll Do The Trick With Petwalk.

L(2) 1 Mottershaw’s Eeri Love Me Do At Elangeni. Fawn/brindle male of 22 mths. Well balanced with good head, eye, outline & muscle tone. Showed enthusiastically. 2 Batista’s Eeri Lovely Rita.

1 Walker’s FCI/Int/Ir Ch Barnesmore Goes Zafonica. This 3 1/2 yr old grey/brindle headed a class of very good dogs. He has a good head, presents a picture of excellent curves in outline, very good muscle tone & second thighs, even flowing movement & good presentation. BOB GP1 & BIS. 2 Mottershaw’s Barnesmore Trick Or Treat At Elangeni. 3 Mottershaw’s Barnesmore Let It Be For Elangeni.

(3) Again a high quality trio. 1 Walker’s Barnesmore Say No More With Petwalk. Fawn/brindle of 18 mths. Again good overall balance with good outline as had all three exhibits. Movement good. Presented in fit hard condition. 2 Mottershaw’s Eeri Stormy Weather At Elangeni. 3 Officer’s Eeri Autumn Leaves.

DACHSHUND (Mini L/hair)

1 Le Marguand’s Halunke Mischiel Man. B/t of 7 mths. Still inexperienced but has a good head, legs topline & body. BP.

1 Cottrell’s Garbosa Cocoa At Woodflame. Very nicely constructed choc/tan bitch. Good topline, head & eye. Movement especially in side profile was very positive. BOB.

1 Le Page’s Willowheath Tattered Reams De Thelepees. Red male 4 yrs old, head, topline, keel, legs & feet all good. Moved soundly.

1 Cotrell’s Garbosa Coca At Woodflame. 2 Le Page’s Thelepees Madam Hazel Lycra.

1 le Page’s Neropa Jet Black Jute. B/t bitch of 20 mths. Alone but could have stood some competition. Very good head & eye, good keel, level back, low to ground & good legs & feet. Moved with purpose & style. BOB & G3.

1 Goodall’s Gayteckels Sea Expectation At Renloft PD’H - 6 yrs old with good head & eye, good keel, level back & good legs & feet. Has a very happy outlook on life. Moved & showed well. BOB. OB 1 Pitman’s Cloudside Crystal Clear With Gayteckels. Very good exhibit who belied her 9 years. Ex head & keel, good length & low to ground. Moved well.

Veteran stakes 1 Mottershaw’s JSY Ch Barjoni Secret Desire For Elangeni. Lovely headed gold Afghan bitch with good shoulders, depth of chest, topline & movement. In full flowing coat.

1 Walkers’ Whippets. 2 Mottershaw’s Whippets.

Hound Group Group 1 Whippet. Group 2 Beagle. Group 3 L/H Dachshund. Group 4 Afghan.

Puppy Group Group 1 Whippet. Group 2 Min L/H Dachshund.

Peter Taylor



1 Gilbert’s Karolinca Cimba Yamatsan. Gold sable male of 2 yrs. Everything in a small package, good topline, tailset, ribs & ex muscle tone. Moved well.

OB 1 Shorto’s Mulltye Kit-Si. Gold with very good head, topline, legs & feet. Moved & showed well. BOB.


L  D/B
1 Cabot’s Maldavale Jackson Junior. Black of 17 mths. Strong head, good eye colour, ex layback of shoulder, good topline & tail carriage. Not so confident in the challenge although his movement was good.


OB 1 Thoume’s Idadoun Black N Dreamy. Lovely headed lady with ex eye, reach of neck, ribs topline & tail carriage. Good legs & feet. Very good mover. BOB. 2 Thoume’s Jenetiere Enchantress. 3 Thoume’s Jenetiere Made For Style.


1 Le Masurier & Knight’s Araki Wizard Of AHHS. Well grown gold/white boy. Very well set out head, eye, reach of neck & topline. His young handler was given a hard time but preserved and won control. BP & PG2.

L D/B 1 Whitehead & Le Masurier’s Araki Fantastic Willy. Well constructed gold/cream male of 13 mths. Very good head, eye conformation & general balance. I see he is royally bred & this young man can go far. Ex stride & showmanship. BOB & GP4.


1 Rousseau’s Shiloh High And Mighty At Dimkas. Mature r/w rising 3 yrs. Vg head proportions & nose placement, good front & depth of chest. Correct quarters & typical movement. Liked him immensely but the heat got to him in the group. BOB.

OB 1 Rousseau’s Bronorn Chardania At Dimkas. 5 yrs of age with a nicely set out head & good front. Is a touch wide with maturity. Correct topline & movement.


1 Walkers’ Faerdorn Gold Charm With Petwalk NAF TAF. Just 6 mths old & showing like a veteran. Good head, eye, topline, coat & movement. BP & PG1. 2 Coughlan’s Littondale Sometime Maybe.

1 Walker’s Khalila Justin Credible For Petwalk. 14 mths with well arranged head, good eye & foreface, good ribs, level topline, good legs & feet. Moved with style & showed very well. A young man of infinite promise. BOB & Gp2.

OB 1 Walker’s Lux Ch Khalwalk The Perfect Kiss. Fully mature 5 yr old with all the essentials. Ex head & overall balance with ex presentation & movement.


1 Hurley’s Fralex Dark Wings. Exquisite black with lovely head & expression. Very well put together with good body topline & muscle tone. Good movement & an extrovert showgirl who stood off & showed herself freely. BOB & G3.


1 Dingle’s Inyawood Miss Brodie. Young lady with a lovely head & expression, good shoulder construction & topline. Moved correctly & showed well.

JAPANESE SPITZ P 1 Bisson’s Leymun Minna Memai. Well put together 8 mths bitch with ex pigmentation, correct topline & movement.

L 1 Bisson’s Leymun Kami Tako. 2 yrs old with good head, eyes pigmentation. Good general balance, topline, coat & movement. Showed well. BOB.

OD 1 Blampied’s Wendardebs Polar Pearl. A lovely veteran of 9 yrs whose condition & general bearing belied his years. Has a good head & topline & moved & showed well. His zest for life was evident as he followed the young bitch around the ring on the challenge!


1 Cooper’s Harropine Purplerain At Forepaws.  8 mths male with good head properties, very good mouth, ribs, topline & quarters, coat coming in nicely. Moved with style showing his pads well. BP & PG3.

1 Girard’s Forepaws Gift Of Gold. (Sorry no notes).

OD 1 Cooper’s Harropine New York City Boy At Zafonic. Gold/white of 5 yrs. Lovely headed mature gentleman. Ex construction, topline, coat & legs. Moved with dignity but with drive showing his pads well. BOB, GP1 & BIS3.

V 1 Walker’s Ch Ragoosa Just Jolly At Oraysha. A wonderfully sound & fit 12 yr old Lhasa Apso bitch. 2 Idadoun Black N Dreamy. 3 Jenetiere Enchantress.


1 Lhasa Apso. 2 Miniature Poodles.

Group 1 Shih Tzu. Group 2 Lhasa Apso. Group 3 Toy Poodle. Group 4 Tibetan Terrier.

Group 1 Lhasa Apso. Group 2 Tibetan Terrier. Group 3 Shih Tzu. Group 4 Japanese Spitz.

Peter Taylor


English Springer Spaniel

(1) Taylor’s Carlyquinn Chantilly NAF TAF. Nicely presented 7 mths bitch with lots to like. Feminine head with kind expression. Good front, topline, ribs & tail. Moved very well. BP.

1 Ozanne’s Trimere True Style At Lyntonridge. Handsome male of 2 1/2 yrs. Super head with kind eye, ex ear leathers & strength in muzzle. Good front, depth of chest, neck, shoulder & topline, with strong muscular quarters. Shown in super coat & condition. Lovely temperament & moved with excellent forward reach & drive from behind. Workmanlike dog who put all in to take BOB & G1.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

(1) 1 Smith’s Tachwedd Tegan. Very smart youngster with typical head, good neck & shoulders, topline & turn of stiffle. Moved nicely. BP & BOB.


(1) 1 Martin’s Jubilwell Rebel Alliance. Strong well built dog with grand masculine head, good eye, neck, depth of chest, rib topline & well muscled quarters. Good coat & condition. Very full of himself & showed well. BOB.

OB (1) Martin’s Jubilwell Honeysuckle. Small bitch of 4 yrs who moved & showed well. Good front & topline but not so typical in head or as good in movement as 1.


(5) 1 Baudain’s Rocheby Brigadoon At Beauvoir. Top quality yellow male. Perfectly balanced with lovely outline which ever way you looked at him. Super head with kind eye & intelligent expression. Nice length of foreface & neat ears. Good front, reach of neck, topline & tailset, depth of chest & well muscled quarters. Perfect showman who moved with great style. BP G1 & RBPIS. 2 Evans’ Taleem Spirit Of Time. 3 Evans’ Taleem Outward Bound.

L (4,1) 1 Evans’ Taleem Once In A While. Lovely yellow bitch with the nicest of heads, well balanced with kind eye & gentle expression. Reachy neck with good shoulder, topline & tail and mature deep body with good spring of rib. Ex legs & feet. Smart mover & showed well. BOB. 2 Battrick’s Jancerie Buttercup. 3 Baudain’s LA Grange Enchantress At Beauvoir.

OD (1) 1 Haynes’ Fougesdelf Silkroad Khiva. 9 yr old black male shown in very fit and hard condition. Good front & depth of chest. A little heavy in head & would prefer a darker eye. Ex coat of good texture. Moved well enjoying his day out. Nicely presented.

OB (4) 1 Battrick’s Jancerie Hufflepuff. Well balanced black with nice feminine head, good eye, deep chest, good topline & tail. Moved & showed well. 2 Evans’ Taleem Weve Only Just Begun. 3 Evans’ Tapeatom Sugar And Spice At Taleem.


(2) 1 Cox’s Tiroen Taylormade PD’H. Strong well muscled male with lovely head & eye, good front, topline, legs & feet, ribs and turn of stiffle. In cracking coat and condition. Moved nicely. BOB. 2 Tiroen Trademark.

OB (2) 1 Cox’s Tiroen Tickled pink. Litter sister to Taylormade & has lots to like. Having just come off puppies she was obviously short of coat but she showed and moved well in the heat of the day. 2 Cox’s Tiroen Tourbillon.


(1) 1 Moorat’s Sunnerset Sweet Liaison. Quality red with nice head & appealing expression. Nicely balanced with good neck & shoulders, front, topline & stiffles. Up to size but had ex coat & moved to advantage. BP.

L (4,1) 1 Le-Page’s Bridgevalle Sweet Liberty. Very promising blue roan bitch just out of puppy. Lovely feminine head with pleasing expression. Good topline & ribcage, front & stiffles. Showed and moved nicely. 2 Moorat’s Quintavia Quantum Physics. 3 Kezourec’s Robraine Sayeeda Of Belcroute.

OD (2) 1 De Carteret’s Shenmore Spruce At Derrindee. Another nice dog who showed & moved with style. Masculine head, nice eye. Good ribs & quarters. Ex coat & condition. 2 De Carteret’s Kyna Charlie Brown At Derrindee.

(1) 1 Le Page’s Salabah Sorceress. Smart blue/roan of ex shape & size. Very feminine with nicely balanced outline, pretty head, good neck, shoulders, spring of rib & quarters. Delightful temperament with good movement both ways. BOB.


(1) 1 Creber’s Oakmoreton Ptarmigan. Very strong & well muscled 3 yr old with impressive head, good front, neck, shoulder, topline & stiffles. Excellent forward reach & thrust from behind although a little proud of his tail on the move. Well presented and showed to advantage. BOB.


(2) 1 Bouchere’s Tenfield Raceaway. Smart 2yr old who has a pleasing head and expression, good neck & shoulders, firm topline & lovely richly coloured coat. Showed nicely but inclined to move a little close behind. BOB.

OD (1) 1 Smith’s Katesclan Master Class. Strong well boned 2 yr old who is starting to cast his coat. Nice head with kind eye, good topline and stiffles. Moved well.

OB (2) 1 Philippe’s Sandalgem Joyfulness. Nice young bitch with nice richly coloured coat, good head & eye, depth & spring of rib and showed nicely. 2 Phileppe’s Katesclan Miss Adventure.

AVNSC Gundog

(1) 1 Marshall’s Pipperoo Musagetes. Impressive GSP male with typical head & eye, strong jaw, good neck, topline & ribs. Ex front & strong well muscled quarters. Covered his ground well moving with purpose and drive.

AvNSC Gundog OB (1) 1 Turner’s Clamerkin Come Closer To Chakona. L/w Pointer bitch. Very hard to imagine that she is 9 yrs of age. Lovely feminine head, good reach of neck, topline & tail. Moved with typical action round the ring with great style.

AV Veteran Stakes 1 Turner’s Clamerkin Come Closer To Tochakona - (Pointer). 2 Ozanne’s Asquannes Glacier At Lyntonridge (Cocker). 3 Baudain’s Witherford Bluebell At Beauvoir (Labrador).

1 Baudain’s Labrador’s. 2 Philippe’s Golden Ret.

Gundog Group Group 1 Trimere True Style At Lytonridge (Eng Springer). Group 2 Taleem Once In A While (Labrador) Group 3 Pipperoo Musagetes (GSP). Group 4 Tiroen Taylormade PD’H (Irish Setter).

GUNDOG PUPPY Group 1 Rocheby Brigadoon At Beauvoir (Labrador). Group 2 Sunnerset Sweet Liaison (Cocker).             Group 3 Carlyquinn Chantilly NAF TAF (Eng Springer).

Brenda Taylor