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Campaign helps to make rabies history!

Rabies is 100% preventable, yet results in approximately 55,000 deaths each year, almost one person every 10 minutes. Most of the deaths occur in rural areas of Africa and Asia, with approximately 10 million people receiving treatment on an annual basis after being exposed to animals thought to have the disease.

Working together to make rabies history Intervet, is supporting the Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other partners in2 the launch of the inaugural World Rabies Day on Saturday 8 September. This major event is co-sponsored by World Health Organisation (WHO).

With the aim of engaging 55,000 participants around the world – one for each person who dies needlessly from the disease each year – the campaign will highlight awareness of this devastating disease, raise funds and resources to support rabies prevention programmes in developing countries and educate people about rabies, its prevention and control.

Intervet’s support of the World Rabies Day campaign follows the company’s donation of 200,000 doses of its rabies vaccine to the ‘Afya Serengeti’ (meaning health of Serengeti) project to help control the incidence of animal and human rabies in north-western Tanzania. Run by epidemiologist, Dr Sarah Cleaveland, from the Centre of Tropical Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. The initiative aims to bring widespread canine vaccination to this famous nature reserve to eradicate the rabies threat for humans and animals alike. The vaccination programme has already proved to be successful with the resurgence of the African wild dog population, which was nearing extinction. or