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Yob stabs pup to teach it a lesson

A VICIOUS yob slashed and stabbed his pet puppy in a frenzy — ‘to teach it a lesson’ after it soiled his carpet.

Matthew Maddock had been drinking heavily when he attacked the bullmastiff-cross puppy named Coco, leaving it with appalling wounds.

Maddock, 25, launched his knife attack after the six-month-old pup soiled the bathroom floor. Police called to his home were appalled to find the cowering pup covered in blood. Amazingly, Coco survived the attack.

The case was heard at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court, where Prosecution counsel Amanda Haycock said that Maddock admitted the noise that alerted the neighbour who called the police was caused by him shouting at the dog.

Maddock had admitted at a previous court hearing that he caused the animal unnecessary suffering. His defence lawyer Phil Libe told the court that Maddock had been drinking heavily at the time of the attack.

RSPCA Inspector Claire Cain said: ‘For this man to stab a dog to teach it a lesson is beyond belief. This was a particularly vicious, intentional act of cruelty.

‘The sentence reflects how seriously these matters are taken, although I am disappointed it was not even tougher.’

Coco, who has been renamed Hope, has recovered fully after treatment and care at an RSPCA Centre and is being found a new home.

Magistrates handed down a strong sentence on Maddock, banning him from ever owning an animal again and told him he cannot even travel in the same car as one.