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Greet ‘n’ eat - a dog’s Christmas delight

NEVER MIND ‘meet and greet’ at Christmas parties this year – try ‘greet and eat’ – at least for your dog! Dog owners may have found the perfect Christmas gift for their pest in the novel new range of doggy Christmas cards called ‘Greet-Me-Eat-Me’ on sale this year. The special cards are made of 100% rawhide, in cute designs and they are completely edible.

Great and eatDogs have been shown to enjoy the rawhide cards, which are totally natural. The cards are perfect for owners wishing to choose the healthy option as opposed to chocolate or sweet biscuits for an Xmas gift. The action of a dog gnawing on one of these cards cleans the teeth and keeps the gums healthy – and the dogs really enjoy it too.

Owners can choose from the Reindeer, Xmas Pudding or Santa Paws card designs. Each 'Greet Me-Eat Me' card is bought in a pack that contains a coloured pillow envelope (allowing the card to be sent through the post). Each pack also includes its own notepaper to attach to the inside of the card for a personal greeting (to be removed before consumption). All colourings used in the 'Greet Me-Eat Me' cards are generated from safe natural vegetable colourings. This means the whole card can eventually be eaten.

'Greet Me-Eat Me' cards are sold for £4.99 from