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Police in drowned dog theory

MANX POLICE investigating the death of a dog that was found muzzled and bound on the banks of a river where it had drowned believe it originally came from the Stranraer area.

The body of the chocolate Labrador was found on the banks of the Sulby Reservoir on the Isle of Man in February. It had been bound with duct tape before being thrown down an embankment. Police said they believed the dog travelled to the Isle of Man on a boat from Stranraer or another nearby mainland port.

A reward of £2,500 has been offered for information on who was responsible for what was described by officers at the time as a ‘barbaric’ incident.

An examination of the two-year-old dog, which was thought to have drowned after being thrown down the 30ft (9m) embankment, showed it was healthy and had recently been fed before it died.

A spokesman for Isle of Man Police said: ‘It is suspected that the dog came from the Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland, possibly Stranraer. It may have travelled on a boat out of Stranraer or a nearby port, to the Isle of Man. That boat will have left the Isle of Man in the first few days of February, likely before the discovery of the dog's body.

The spokesman urged anyone who may be able to help in identifying the owner of the dog and the vessel on which it travelled to contact the police.