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Woman savaged to death by pack of dogs

A BRITISH woman was savaged to death by a pack of wild dogs in Bulgaria.

Mrs Gordon, who was born in Wallsend, North Tyneside, had lived in Bulgaria for several years with her husband, having moved there after falling in love with the country after holidaying there.
The 56-year-old victim was walking her own dog, Gypsy a German Shepherd, when she was attacked near the village of Nedyalsko in the Yambol area in the Southeast of the country last week.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: ‘We can confirm a British national died after being attacked by dogs.

‘She was living out there, possibly for a couple of years with her husband.

‘The regional police in Yambol said seven or eight dogs attacked her. She was walking her own dog when she was attacked.’

‘People living close by heard her shouts and screams and came to help.’

There were reports a shepherd finally managed to drive the dogs away, but Mrs Gordon died from loss of blood before an ambulance arrived.

Rocked by the news, her only daughter, Teri Watson, 37, said: ‘I am just so shocked. I don’t know what to do.

‘She was always an animal lover and she had dogs for as long as I could remember – before I was born. When I talked to her she had never mentioned anything about wild dogs or that they were a problem. ‘I can’t believe it. We were saving up to go and see her as a family. I’m devastated.’

Mrs Gordon was walking her dog in the village of Nedyalsko when eight animals attacked her.
Children heard her screams and rushed to her rescue before running to call her husband Jim. But when he arrived her injuries were too severe and she died in his arms.

From Bulgaria, Mr Gordon, 59, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, said: ‘These children knocked and said Margaret was badly hurt after being bitten by some strays.

‘I ran out of the house and saw a crowd of people around her. It was terrible, she had just lost so much blood. I called the ambulance but there was nothing that could be done – she had lost too much blood. She died there and then.’

Malik Markovy, a pensioner in the village who witnessed the attack, said: ‘It was the most terrible thing I have ever seen.

‘She was walking along one minute, and the next these big, slavering dogs with jaws flashing rows of teeth were upon her.

‘I use a walking frame and was only able to hobble slowly across to her. I threw a stone at the dogs, but it did no good.’

Neighbour Maria Roleva added: ‘It is hard to believe such a thing can happen now. It is like something from a medieval horror story. Everyone in the village liked her.’

The Gordons, who had been married for 17 years, were among a number of Britons who have been attracted to Bulgaria by cheap homes and the low cost of living. A three-bedroom house in the village sells for just £6,000.

But wild dogs are a problem in Bulgaria and people in rural areas often carry sticks to fight the strays off.

Even in the capital Sofia there are 35,000 street dogs, and the animals make some beauty spots too risky for tourists to visit.

Neighbours said Ann had been bitten by strays at least three times before.

A search has been ordered by the Bulgarian authorities to find the dogs.

It had been claimed the dogs had escaped from a local factory where they were being kept as watchdogs and fed on raw meat to make them aggressive.