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Competition winners

Here are the names of the lucky winners of our recent Kong Wubba competition:

Mrs T Godfrey from Essex, Jackie Webb from York, A Pearce from Devon, Mr S Simpson from Wigan, Miss B Entwistle from Oldham, Mrs M Guest from North Yorkshire, Miss Mandy Hoare from Suffolk, Mrs M Greening from Wiltshire, Mrs W Mowbray from Leeds, Fergus Sutcliffe from Devon, Janet Drew from Bristol, John Seear from Templecombe, B Bradshaw from Lincolnshire, Mrs R Blake from Norfolk, Mrs M Spink from Tyne and Wear, Debbie Harness from Hull, Marilyn Roberts from Warrington, Chris Campbell from Southampton, Mrs C Samuels from Shropshire, Kath Clark from Cumbria, Linda Wilson from Lincolnshire, Miss Hilary Curtis from Essex, Sheila McDonald from Oxford, Mrs Sarah Brobin from Bodmin.

Congratulations! Your prizes are on the way!