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Council named top dogs in stray care

A LANCASHIRE council has been named ‘top dog’ for the way it looks after the local canine population.

Hyndburn Council dog wardens have been given a special achievement award from the Mars Good Dog Campaign.

The council won for its ‘hugely successful’ campaign to educate local dog owners on good pet ownership.

The campaign by Hyndburn's dog wardens has grown in six years since the founding in 2001 of registered charity, Hyndburn Stray Dogs in Need.

The concept of the charity grew from a perceived need first identified by Steve Wood, Hyndburn Borough's Dog Warden. Steve became aware in the course of his duties that seriously injured dogs were being taken to the vet to be euthanaised who might, given funding for treatment, be able to carry on and live a perfectly happy and normal life.

The first dog to benefit from the treatment was a mongrel named Dougal.

He ran into the path of oncoming traffic whilst Steve was trying to apprehend him. Instead of having the dog put to sleep Steve went about raising money to fund Dougal's treatment. Dougal had to have a leg amputated at a cost of £375.

When the second and third cases arrived it was quickly realised that it was the same people helping to raise money therefore the charity was conceived.

All the dogs taken in by the kennel are strays. After spending a week at the local kennels, Aspen Valley, Oswaldtwistle, if the dogs remain unclaimed they are fostered out or rehomed direct from the kennels. All the dogs are checked by a vet, receive their first vaccination, wormer and given any treatment they require. At the foster home the dog is then microchipped.

Over 3,790 dogs have been successfully re-homed. Angie Philips of Mars Petcare UK said judges were particularly impressed by the Hyndburn team’s work and wished them every success in the future.

Hyndburn Stray Dogs In Need