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New websites monitor kitten and puppy growth

A PET food company has launched two new websites to assist pet owners when they purchase a new puppy or kitten. The sites, run by Hills Pet Nutrition are: and and both offer advice and support covering the first year of a pet's life with incites into such things as how to litter train a cat or how to make a home pet-friendly.
The international sites are multi-lingual and cleverly, Hill's opens the correct version for you, depending on the location of your computer. Hill's news is also tailored to whichever country you happen to be in.

The websites encourage owners to register for email newsletters. These again are tailored to the pet owner and their pet and highlight important key milestones in the pet's development
Bob Gundry, consumer marketing manager, Hill's, said: ‘The regular e-mail newsletters also ensure that owners receive timely reminders on a range of topics applicable to kittens and puppies throughout the first year of their lives.’