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New Sheepdog trial series on Horse & Country TV

WANT to watch more sheep dog trialling of the highest level on television? Thanks to Horse & Country TV now’s your chance. Come Bye! an updated version of One Man and His Dog is now on Horse & Country TV every Sunday evening at 8.30pm and hosted by well-known trialling enthusiast Robin Page.

Come Bye! is a series of 15 one hour programmes that brings the skills and excitement of sheep dog trials back to television.

The series provides a showcase for all the best action from the 2007 National Trials of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, plus the International Trials held this year in Ireland.
Yet these trials very nearly didn’t take place. In mid-July a foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey brought all animal movement to a halt, and this included moving the sheep on to the trials field where the events were to take place.

However, DEFRA eventually allowed the organisers to use the sheep already in place on the host farm so remarkably all five events went ahead more or less as scheduled, and the outcome was fifteen enthralling days of top class trials.

Fifty dogs ran each day, whatever the weather, and Horse&Country TV cameras covered every single run to ensure that the top dogs would be included in the edited programmes. The result is a compelling and exciting record of a remarkable year of Sheep Dog Trials.

For further information contact Horse & Country TV on 024-76 692 269 or visit