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Police raids in dog fight investigation

IRISH POLICE have carried out a number of searches in connection with allegations of dog fighting over the past week.

Five houses were searched under the Proceeds of Crime Act in Counties Antrim, Armagh and Tyrone.

Documents that were recovered at the premises have been taken away for examination and cash was also seized. There are unconfirmed reports that equipment relating to the training of fighting dogs was also seized, but police have declined to comment.

No arrests were made. The operation is thought to be linked to a BBC ‘Panorama’ programme about dog fighting broadcast earlier this year.

The programme, shot largely undercover, penetrated the dark world of dog fighting and showed the link between Irish and Finnish dog fighters and breeders of pit bull terriers and how many of the dogs they breed and fight are exported to the UK mainland. The documentary was broadcast in Ireland as part of the ‘Spotlight’ series.