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Troops adopt afghan strays as mascots

BRITISH TROOPS serving in Afghanistan have adopted two stray dogs as unofficial mascots. Labradors Charlie and Tangey were taken in by Taunton-based 40 Commando Royal Marines after being found searching for food near their base at Kajaki.

The dogs are now said to be part of the unit, having been trained to spot and bark at approaching Taliban insurgents.

Earlier this year, Tangey was captured by the Taliban and tortured with a knife. But the plucky dog bit his captors and managed to escape back to the British lines.

The dogs are now a permanent fixture at Camp Bastian in Southern Afghanistan where they are used for surveillance on the top of a nearby mountain.

Sgt Major Dave Layton said: ‘They have become the honorary mascots of the company. I don't understand how anyone could do what the Taliban did to Tangey.

‘Everyone gets welfare packs from back home and that includes the dogs. They are the celebrities of the base.’