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Obituary - Mrs Peggy Foukes (Poolmist)

As I reflect on the untimely death of my dear friend Peggy I do so with the joy of happy memories as well as the sadness of loss.

With Ruff Rider of Poolmist having died age sixteen in October, my final hospital visit involved the welfare of her last remaining West Highland White Terrier Poolmist Pingu, who is now staying permanently with my mother.

Peggy last judged at Championship level at Manchester in 2000. She enjoyed all her judging appointments but perhaps the most fitting venue where she took centre stage was at Border Union in 1995. She loved Kelso where she and her late husband Bob made a holiday of it year after year. Bob last judged at WELKS in 1999 and had been due to judge Windsor when he died in May 2002.

The Poolmist affix was granted by the kennel club in January 1976. Pippa of Poolmist, by Ch Purston Peter Man was registered in June 1976 and thereafter the search was on, as Peggy’s friends will fondly recall, for the "something beginning with P" to register the succeeding Poolmist litters.

I first met Bob and Peggy when the Poolmist kennel was based in Euxton some twenty five years ago. The first extended pedigree back to Conas that I compiled was on one of Peggy’s favourites – Mapleoak Amanda of Poolmist (who never gained that elusive third CC) and Bob, with help from recognised breed historian Catherine Owen, began a circular ten generation pedigree of their homebred Champion Poolmist Pauchtie who was owned by Jan Jansen of Holland and handled to his title in 1980 by Geoff Corish.

The kennel records moved with the household from Euxton to Barton Dene and had grown considerably prior to the final move to Hall Lane in Leyland some fourteen years ago. There is a veritable mountain of rosettes alone – but what a breed historian’s dream are the meticulous diaries and records of the Poolmist kennel. I am proud of the trust Peggy placed in me to undertake the mammoth task of sorting and listing data gleaned from those records - it will be a labour of love, on a journey spent recalling an incredible amount of treasured memories.

What was meant to be "just a hobby for retirement" became life itself for a couple with a shared interest who gained the respect and friendship of so many in that wonderful world of dogs that they loved so well. Audrey Harrison