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Home sought for three legged dog

AN ANIMAL charity in Devon is seeking a home for a three-legged dog and the canine companion who has helped him come to terms with his disability. The RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter, Exeter, took in seven-year-old lurcher Buzz three years ago.

Buzz and TizzyHe was then taken in by a family as a companion for their existing rescue dog Tizzy, who RSPCA workers credit with helping Buzz cope with losing his leg.

But a change in the family’s circumstances means Buzz and Tizzy now need a new home. The pair are now back at the Little Valley shelter while staff try to rehome them together.

Buzz, who had to have a hind leg removed following a road traffic accident, has also developed epilepsy and will have to be on medication for the rest of his life.

‘Tizzy has seen Buzz through some difficult times and been his constant loving companion,’ said the RSPCA's Neil Edwards.

‘So it would be a real shame if we had to split them up at a time when they are going through even more upheavals and really rely on each other for support.’

If you can offer Buzz and Tizzy a new home please contact RSPCA Little Valley shelter on: 01392-439898. Website: