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Poodle home after Danish ordeal

BREEDER Sylvia Riddett has reclaimed her Poodle, Wightwonder Never So Wicked, after a prolonged battle spanning six months and two countries.

Mrs Riddett had leant Minty to a Danish Poodle breeder who wished to improve his stock and was impressed by puppies that had been sired by the three-year-old. The Danish breeder agreed that no paperwork would be altered, and that Minty would remain in Mrs Riddett’s name during his stay. However, on a visit to Denmark to judge, Mrs Riddett learned that the man had used fake documents which claimed he had Minty on loan until 2011.

She then contacted Danish police and KC and explained that the documents had been forged, and continued to work closely with those organisations to reclaim the dog that was rightfully hers. “I had so many sleepless nights worrying about my dog out there and how I was going to get him back”, she told OUR DOGS.

However, the wait proved worthwhile and earlier this month she received a call from Danish police, reporting that the man had been persuaded to hand the dog over to them. A long journey by car across four countries led her to her dog and, after two and a half days of travelling, Minty was back at home in Shaftesbury. Though thin and matted, he appeared none the worse for his ordeal.

Now she wants to warn other dog breeders not to get caught out the same way, and described her ordeal as a nightmare. Danish police are investigating the incident.