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DDA dog returned bleeding and sore

LONDON DOG owner, Glynis Walker was left shocked and upset after collecting her pet dog Kodee from a north London Police station. Kodee was returned after being seized from her son as a pit bull ‘type’ on the 26th August under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act legislation; West London Magistrates’ court had ordered Kodee be registered and exempted as the law allows for dogs who are responsibly owned and deemed not of any danger to the public.

Glynis Walker and family were relieved pet dog Kodee would be allowed to live and excited to collect him from the Police Station car park on Thursday, December 13th. However, their feelings of joy and jubilation soon disappeared on the big day when she actually saw Kodee.

Kodee was taken home and his owner Glynis telephoned the anti-DDA group Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue for advice. Upon further examination it was also noticed that Kodee’s scrotum is red raw sore, he has stitches in from being neutered and the skin covering three of his huge tattoo numbers had torn. Photographs were taken for reference, and clearly show the injuries to the dog.

Kodee is just 18 months of age and has lived happily with his family from the age of eight weeks, he had never been in trouble prior to his seizure under the DDA and had been in kennels since August. This was a relatively brief time compared to some dogs caught up under the DDA, but had the Index of Exempted Dogs be open for owner-led registration then he wouldn’t have needed to endure any time at all away from home.

Glynis Walker is contacting her MP to discuss her case and is making a complaint to the Metropolitan Police concerning her dog’s condition.

OUR DOGS recently reported how Jackie Rushton’s dog Lenny was returned to her by Merseyside police in a shocking condition with cuts on his face – and the police had ‘mislaid’ him in the system for six days.

Still in Liverpool, Mrs Rita Payton’s dog Macey died whilst at police kennels. An investigation into the matter is said to be ongoing.

Glynis Walker is asking other dog owners to please support the online petition to re-open the Index of Exempted Dogs at