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Pet health and happiness – as nature intended!

Renowned for creating highly palatable pet food recipes with strong nutritional credentials, Land of Holistic Pets, has been awarded ‘Holistic Certification’ for all of its products by the British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine (BAHNM).

The national registered certification scheme means pet owners can be confident that products produced by Land of Holistic Pets - from Robbie’s Holistic Nutrition to Herbal Remedies - do not contain inappropriate chemical additives and by-products and that the recipes are balanced with a premium mix of natural ingredients – just as nature intended.

Says George Burns, owner and Managing Director, "There is a fantastic surge in consumer know-how regarding holistic nutrition and a growing awareness by the public that not only natural ingredients are good for health but the source, quality and blend are equality important. Judging by the tremendous interest in our products, this knowledge is being used by the thinking owner to enhance their pets health and happiness. Consumer demand has stimulated trade orders and we are encouraging all pet retailers to ‘go holistic’ in 2008! We are delighted with the holistic certification particularly as this includes all xx of our recipes and herbal formulas. It is clear Land of Holistic Pets is pioneering a very exciting and healthy gap in the £1.5billion* pet food market!"
Land Of Holistic Pets have a unique approach to pet nutrition - high quality diets are used as the basis for good health coupled with an extensive range of herbal formulas which assist the promotion of well-being and vitality. The company also has a fairly unique philosophy to the issue of Life stage diets – they don’t believe in them!

Adds George Burns, "My mother is 93years but she doesn’t buy food for ‘the elderly’ – she eats less of the same. What protein and fat level do we feed children? Beyond infancy, we don’t have special diets depending on age. More importantly, Land Of Holistic Pets believes that many skeletal problems may be created because puppy foods have an emphasis on muscle growth using high protein rather than the holistic approach which encourages slower but more balance growth - which could minimize the potential for joint problems later in life."

George Burns has had 15 years experience in pet nutrition including owning Burns Pet Nutrition (Scotland) Ltd, Burns Pet Health Inc in the United States and now Land Of Holistic Pets in the United Kingdom.