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Hounds put down after breeder’s sad neglect

A RESPECTED Afghan Hound breeder neglected her dogs so badly after she developed Alzheimer's Disease that three had to be destroyed, a court heard.

Six other Afghans were saved from illness and starvation and have since been re-homed, magistrates in Cheltenham were told when the case was heard two weeks ago.

The plight of Pamela Brading-Clarke's dogs was discovered when she took one of them to the vet's because it was so emaciated and unwell, said RSPCA prosecutor David Glass. He said the vet had to put the dog down and was so concerned that he called the RSPCA and police.
Officers who went to her home in Dursley, Glos. in March found eight other Afghans were in a hungry and neglected state and two were so bad they too had to be put down.

Giving 63-year-old Mrs Brading-Clarke an absolute discharge for five offences of failing to provide necessary care for the dogs, the court chairman David Bailey said: ‘This is probably one of saddest cases that I and my magistrates have had to do.

‘You no doubt were a very respectable breeder of these animals and I am sure the last thing you wanted to do was cause them any harm.

‘We feel sorry for you, having been a reputable lady, to have to come to this court and stand there. We hope your illness gets better.’

He said that as a result she had been identified as a victim of Alzheimer's with progressing dementia which had affected her short-term memory.

She herself was in a neglected state at that stage but was now receiving help and support and was on medication, which was improving her condition, he said.

‘It is a shame that she had let not only herself but her dogs get into this condition and I know that is something which causes her great distress,’ Mr Burrows added.

Disqualifying her indefinitely from keeping any animals, the magistrates told her she would not have to pay any financial penalty or costs because of the sad background to her case.