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Even the Reindeer are chipped!

IN A nice seasonal touch, Petlog has added the first microchipped reindeer to its database since the scheme began over 12 years ago. Chipped Norwegian white reindeer Snowflake and Prancer from Animal Magic Pony Parties, a company which specialises in providing animals for children's parties and for the corporate market.

Sarah Crane, Director of Animal Magic Pony Parties based in Oxfordshire, microchipped her two aptly named reindeer with a chip in order to ensure that if the worst happened she would stand the best possible chance of having them returned. The reindeer, part of her huge collection of animals and reptiles that are available for children's parties.

Rumours that a jolly, white bearded old gentleman in a red suit has asked Petlog to microchip his nine reindeer (one of which allegedly has a luminous red nose, possibly as a result of genetic enhancement) remain unconfirmed by the company.