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Strays bank on new home

TWO GERMAN Shepherd dogs have found a new home after wandering into their local bank for shelter from the rain.

Fred and GingerThe elderly dogs, who have been named Fred and Ginger by their new owners, walked into the Kirkcaldy branch of Bank of Scotland to escape from a heavy downpour.

When they refused to leave, bank staff put them in an interview room until they could find somebody to take them. They are now being looked after as pets by the owner of the Second Chance kennels in Thornton, Fife.

Second Chance owner Ena Conyon estimates the pair to be about 12 years old.

She told BBC Scotland's news website: ‘My husband likened them to an old married couple. They are in quite a poor condition. They're not going anywhere so we've taken them in.’

Bank staff had apparently turfed the dogs back out onto the street when they first wandered in but as the rain continued to fall, the pair returned.

Frantic phone calls were made as the animals made themselves at home among the mortgage advice leaflets.

Lorraine Divine, who works in the bank, said: ‘We shooed them out about three times but they kept coming back. They seemed well enough looked after, just dirty and wet.’

No owner has been traced for the dogs. One of the theories as to their being strays was that they had an elderly owner who died and uncaring relatives may simply have dumped the dogs on the street.

Still, it’s a happy ending for Fred and Ginger who can now bank on a new
home and lots of love in their twilight years.