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Animal Care College news

The new Prospectus from the Animal Care College is now available and includes several new courses for 2007. The Prospectus now runs to 16 pages and has been redesigned to group courses by species, subject and Level making it easier for prospective students to find and select courses.

The College now has courses in Canine, Feline, Equine care and psychology and Aquatic and Small Pet Animal Studies.  There is also a suite of courses dedicated to Alternative and Complementary Therapies. These now include the use of Magnetic Resonance, Bach Flower Remedies and Natural Healing Techniques.

The Vocational and Continuing Professional Development remain very popular.  Course are available for those interested in Veterinary reception, Grooming, Kennel and Cattery Management, Pet Sitting, Canine and Feline First Aid, and caring for animals in the confined environments such as kennels and pet shops.

A Health, Safety and Associated Legal Issues course was introduced in 2006 which will be exceptionally important for all those working in the pet care sector once the Animal Welfare Act comes into force in April.  In fact, anyone working professionally with animals will be expected to show competence in their care and having recognised, accredited certificate in their area of expertise will become essential as the new codes of practice being developed by Defra begin to be published and applied.

Good news is that all fees have been maintained at 2006 levels and some have actually been reduced

The Animal Care College will be present at the OneLife exhibition at Olympia on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, the premier lifestyle event for those considering a change in direction (

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