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Obituary: Dennis Johnson & Wendy Curtis

Dennis Johnson

We are sad to report the death of Dennis Stanley Johnson who died on the
30th January. He was very well known in the Welsh Corgis Cardigan breed and
he was a founder member of the Border Collie Club of Great Britain. He was
also the Principal of Start-Rite Canine Centre (dog training school) for
over 40 years. His funeral will be held on Fri 9th February in Blyth,
Nottinghamshire for more information, please contact Dean Johnson on 01909

Wendy Curtis (Leysand)

IT IS with deep personal regret that I report the death on February 1st of
Wendy, following a 12 month battle with cancer; which she  fought with a
determination and fortitude that has been an inspiration to her many
friends, both inside and outside the world of dogs.

Wendy - with a long love of dogs, especially Golden Retrievers - was a top
Junior Handler and competed at the Richmond Finals with her first Golden at
16 years of age!

Her wedding to Steve in mid-July last year, which featured a horse drawn
carriage and her two young daughters, Melisa 4 and Imogen 6 as bridesmaids;
was another highpoint of her life, following the unwelcome news at the
beginning of the year. The wedding and year are part of a Channel 4
documentary to be shown later this year.

Wendy was born in August 1953, and she pestered her parents until a Golden
puppy was purchased from a Olocal paper¹ advert. Her father then had to
chauffeur Wendy and puppy to all local shows, where she competed in breed
and Junior Handling classes, handling with great success.

Wendy registered the Leysand affix and bought a show prospect bitch puppy
from Hilda James, Jamescroft Gabriella of Leysand, who when mated to a local
dog that Wendy had competed against with Abbey (Ron and Madge Bradbury's
Styal Souvenir of Nortonwood), produced Wendy's first homebred showdog,
Leysand Adam. He hit the highspots with Best Puppy awards and later BOBs at
open  and champ shows, first and seconds and Stakes wins.

Wendy's father had her driving on her 17th birthday and following a
successful test a small van for the dogs was purchased! I know her parents
were delighted when she met Steve and Imogen came onto the scene, as their
daughter had until then only produced puppies!

This year Wendy attended Boston and Manchester to see her latest JW winning
bitch, Rosscara Keeper of Secrets, who descended from Adam, being shown by
one of her many friends. Her attendance was a great personal challenge, but
she told me how much she had enjoyed Manchester, in particular seeing so
many old friends, so shortly before her final days.

Wendy also bred and showed American Cockers, and recently bred a litter of
Pugs, which are daughter Imogen¹s particular favourites.

I, along with many others, send my condolences and thoughts to Steve, young
daughters Imogen and Melisa and her parents at this time.

Wendy's funeral will be on Wednesday 14th February at 2.45 at Redditch
Crematorium. Everyone is requested to wear a pink item and Wendy's coffin
will be pink and arrive in a glass carriage pulled by white horses!

Ray Scholes