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In concert for Dog Theft Action

Music teacher Sylvia Tabor of Vets Get Scanning with her pupils
who gave a concert in support of Dog Theft Action

Dog theft awareness organisation Dog Theft Action received a donation that was sweet music to its ears last weekend as Sylvia Tabor of fellow organisation Vets Get Scanning and her husband Joe, who are both music teachers in North Dorset, held a concert on DTA’s behalf.

In attendance were their pupils and the professional duo ‘Sunday Best’, who gave their services free. The event was held in the local school in the village of Marnhull where Sylvia and Joe live.

The 30 players ranged from age 6 to 70 plus and the music played, embraced early classical through to blues, Irish gigs and modern rock. The evening was very successful and raised £104 for DTA.

A similar concert with professional musicians will be staged later in the year.