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A great Swiss day out

THE FIRST ever Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Fun Day was a resounding success for enthusiasts and public alike last month. The event was staged on Saturday, January 20th in Bickenhill near Birmingham and was the perfect opportunity for anyone seeking an introduction to the breed, which is a relative newcomer to the UK.

The event drew a lot of support from owners, with ‘Swissies’ in attendance ranging in age from three and a half years down to a mere eleven weeks. Also participating in the day were the many enthusiasts interested in this recent arrival to the UK dog community, as well as many members of the Midland Bernese Carters. Visitors enjoyed encountering the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs – many for the first time. The Swissies obviously enjoyed interacting with those who had come to meet them, as well as with the many other dogs there – including Bernese Mountain Dogs, Labradors, Poodles, and even a Bichon Frise, an Irish Water Spaniel and a Tri Aussie.

Two raffles with many prizes on offer were well received, as were the refreshments – thanks to Kimberley MacDonald and her mother Elaine Barton doing a sterling job keeping the teas and coffees flowing.

Kimberley not only organised the Fun Day, but is also working hard to have the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog recognised by the Kennel Club, and to form the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain. The club will encompass a variety of activities, and is forging links with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club. Later in the summer, it is hoped that many Swissies will attend a Bernese Carters weekend at Wellington Country Park, where dogs and owners can be introduced to carting. Further events will be planned as the club grows in size.

For more information about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the UK Club, go to and forum at: