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Greyhounds washed up on beach

A GRISLY mystery is unfolding in Ballyduff, County Kerry, Ireland following the discovery last week of the carcasses of five badly-decomposed dogs that were washed onto Kilmore Strand.

Animal welfare sources have described the find as ‘unbelievable and deeply puzzling’, that five bodies would wash onto a beach at the same time. While the remains of individual dogs are occasionally discovered along the coast this is thought to be the first time a large group has been discovered.

Gardaí investigating the grisly scene since its discovery over the weekend of 23rd/24th December are working under the assumption that the dogs are greyhounds. The bodies are so badly decomposed however that they have yet to verify this. Gardaí were not able to confirm if any violence had been visited on the dogs while alive - it is thought unlikely at this stage.

‘To have five dogs coming ashore like this is pretty unbelievable,’ the KSPCA Animal Welfare Officer, Harry McDaid, told a local newspaper. ‘This is highly unusual to say the least and logic doesn’t really allow that these animals would all have died of natural causes at the same time.

‘While we don’t know where these bodies originated from it would seem safe to assume that they came from the same owner. It’s puzzling and sick and I would appeal to dog owners to be responsible if they have an animal that is sick.

‘The County Pound has adequate provision for sick greyhounds and animals with vets visiting once a week - that’s the route owners should go down. It sounds like these animals were destroyed at the one time and the owner didn’t have space to bury them. This is not the work of an animal lover,’ he said.

Kilmore Strand lies to the south of the Cashen river mouth and one possibility under investigation is that the dogs were washed down the North Kerry river.