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11th Annual Samoyed of the Year

Samoyed of the Year 2006: Brooks’ Ch Karasea Coetir Holly

The eleventh annual Northern Samoyed Society Samoyed and Puppy of the Year contest and Dinner 2006 took place at the Novotel, Nottingham on Saturday, 18th November with ‘secret’ judge Margaret Courtney Reid who was flown in all the way from Australia.

In actual fact Mrs Courney-Reid holds dual nationality, having been born in Buxton, Derbyshire and emigrated to Australia some 47 years ago. This was her first visit back to the UK since then. Mrs Courtney-Reid herself is the owner of nine Samoyeds, her first one being obtained in 1965. She is also an All Breeds Judge.

There were 11 puppies and 29 adult Samoyeds entered, and 105 people attended the event. It was just unfortunate that one puppy had to drop out the night prior to the competition due to illness. Major sponsors were Royal Canin and Cobbydog.

As usual the dining room was decorated attractively in the Society’s colours of red and white.
There were special Sammy wall decorations and sitting on the MC’s table were two adorable fluffy Sam models pulling sledges, which were loaded with presents.

The Auction table groaned under the weight of items kindly donated by all attending. Many items had been sent from abroad including some from South Korea. There wasn’t even an inch of space similarly to be seen on the raffle table.

Gerald Mitchell, looking like an older James Bond, in cream jacket and tie, was again the MC for the evening. After the ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ Sammies were lined up on either side of the mat to salute the judge when she entered the room. The competition for the puppies then took place with the following results:

Samoyed Puppy of the Year: Black’s Kanyak Careless Whisper; Runner Up Bobrowski’s Vandreem Imperial Hermioni By Berezniki; 3rd Patton’s Dilroth Sikko Take A Bow; 4th George’s Samgold Sugar and Spice

As well as the usual trophies and sash, provided by the Society the judge had donated two individual awards for the major winners These were plates, commemorating the event and bearing an engraving of one of the judge’s own Samoyeds together with a picture of an attractive Sturt pea red flower, which is native to Australia.

Each qualifier received a gold centred paperweight with the logo Puppy or Samoyed of the Year 2006.

After an enjoyable dinner and auction, once again fronted by Chairman Ray Taylor, the adult competition got underway. The number of qualifiers meant that the eventual winner had to win through three rounds before reaching the final. The overall winners and finalists were:

Samoyed of the Year: Brooks Ch. Karasea Coetir Holly; Runner Up: Hamilton’s Ch. Zamoyski Lucky Pandora; 3rd Black’s Kanyak Careless Whisper; 4th South’s Ch. Amarige Heaven Sent to Aleski JW.

There was then a barrage of photographers and the winners were heralded with the sound of the tune, ‘Simply the Best’!

The evening also saw an ovation for Mr. Ted Hughes with Ch. Syanaria Phantom. This grand dog has now reached the age of 15 years and this was his last appearance before retirement. He was a previous winner in both 2001 and 2005.

There is always a ‘Best dressed’ award at this event. This year the overall female exhibitor winner of a bottle of Champagne was Mrs. Barbara Johnson who looked stunning in a silver lame evening dress, slit to the thigh. Mr. Philip Cash won the men’s award with Mrs.Denise Shepherd winning Best Dressed Spectator in another gorgeous green brocade frock.

It is understood that many did not get to their beds until around 4am in the morning with quite a few looking rather weary and worse for wear at the breakfast table!

A video has been made of the event, which can be obtained from the Society.

Pam Taylor