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Singer’s dog stolen

SINGER LILY Allen has been left heartbroken as the chart-topper revealed that her beloved English Bull Terrier Maggie May, has been stolen.

While Ms Allen was abroad on holiday in Jamaica over Christmas, a friend was looking after the dog, who was stolen from a van parked outside the dog-sitter's home in Forest Gate, East London on December 28th. There were three dogs in the van, but apparently Maggie May was the only dog taken. It is believed that the theft was, however, purely opportunistic.

‘I am beside myself with worry because someone has stolen my dog Maggie May this morning,’ Miss Allen posted on her MySpace blog. ‘Not only am I devastated that my dog has been taken but I'm concerned about her well-being. She needs an operation on her stomach and is having medical treatment.’

‘There is a reward. Please anyone help. No one will be angry -- me and my family just want Maggie home. Please mail me with any information or contact this number 07909 903565 if you can help.’

Ms Allen’s friend Emily Sonnet posted details of Maggie on the DogLost and Missing Pets Bureau website and made contact with Dog Theft Action. She told OUR DOGS that initially the local police had not been very interested in the theft and had only registered Maggie as stolen after Emily insisted that she was not simply ‘missing’.

She said: ‘The family are really upset and have had a terribly bad day as you can imagine. Lily will be back in the country before the New Year but she is very much involved from where she is in Jamaica and has been in constant contact with us.

‘The police were notified as soon as we realised Maggie May had been taken. We've posted lots of flyers around the area and are appealing to anyone who has any information to get in touch.

‘I spoke to a friend of mine who is a vet who said that dog thefts are becoming more and more common. But we're still not sure why Maggie was the only one taken when she was in the van with two other dogs.

‘Maggie May is a pure white English bull terrier with a black dot on the end of her nose, that's her only distinguishing feature.

‘She could be sold on so if anyone is offered this breed or any dog that fits that description to buy, then please be alert as this could be Lily's dog.’

A Metropolitan police spokesman said: ‘We are investigating allegations of theft at 12.40pm on 28 December where a dog was taken from the back of a van in Capel Road, Forest Gate at 12.40pm on 28 December. Enquiries are continuing.’

Lily Allen made her name this year with her number one hit Smile after building a solid fan base on the internet.

Anyone with information about Ms Allen's dog is asked to call Dog Lost on 01302 743361 or Emily Sonnet on: 07909 903565