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David Christian

It is with great sorrow that the Officers and Committee of Manchester Dog Show Society announce the death of their Secretary David Christian on the night of December 22nd 2006.

David was a true gentleman. His love of dogs and dog showing and his efficiency as an administrator made him an invaluable member of the Manchester team.

It was only earlier this year that David relinquished the role of Secretary of Cheshire Show after many years.

Nothing was too much trouble for David, and his laughter and jokes made the most mundane task a pleasure to share with him.

His passion for dogs, especially Gundogs, was only equalled by his passion for Liverpool FC.
Although far from well he worked tirelessly to make Manchester 2007 a success, ably assisted by the Assistant Secretary, Paul Harding, and of course his wife Sandra, to whom our thoughts, prayers and love go at this devastating time.

David was one of the special people and the dog world and his friends will truly miss him.

Bob Gregory, Chairman

Over 200 people paid their last respects at the funeral service at St Oswald's Church, Winwick, near Warrington on Friday January 5th. A traditional service mixed with music which reflected his love of Liverpool FC, mourners saw a photo of David with a huge trophy. His brother-in-law also gave a very personal and moving tribute.

Afterwards many joined the family and friends at the Winwick Leisure Centre for refreshments.

Mrs Marjorie Jarosz

Mrs Marjorie Jarosz died on Thursday 4 January 2007 at the age of 85.

Marjorie married Dr. Josef Jarosz in 1944 and settled in Baldock, where she lived when I first met her in the late 70s. My first impression of her was of a modern day Miss Marple; she knew all that happened in that North London town!

As a wedding present her beloved Josef bought her an Irish Setter, thus starting the famous Joanmas line. Did he really know what he let himself in for, one wondered?

Wendover Yana was a dual CC winner and was followed by Wendover Game, who became such an influential stud for the breed. Many Irish Setter Show Champions bore the Joanmas affix either owned and/ or bred, the most famous being Sh. Ch. Joanmas Scampi, who was top bitch in breed one year, another being, Sh. Ch. Joanmas Saffron, again a dog that is behind many winning lines of today. Marjorie also was an enthusiast of field trialling the Irish Setter. She was a regular visitor to Shap and also Sandringham, the Queen’s Norfolk Estate, among others.

Having started with the Wendover lines Marjorie became great friends with the ‘James’ family.

Marjorie was also a staunch supporter of the Kennel Club. In fact, no one would be allowed to speak in a derogatory way, in Marjorie’s hearing, of the Kennel Club or any of the staff. Marjorie became a member of the KC Ladies Section in 1967 and a full member in 1979, sponsoring people to be members, who she felt would be an asset to the KC.

She became a member of the ISA in 1946 and was a founder member of the North East of England Irish Setter Club, amongst others. Marjorie rarely missed a meeting, such was her commitment. Latterly Marjorie became a committee member of the LKA again, always taking her duties with utmost seriousness.

Marjorie also campaigned the top winning GSP Michael Meridith-Hardy’s Ch. Ferrier Jaegar.
She judged many Gundog breeds with Challenge Certificates plus the Gundog group. Marjorie was an international judge who jetted around the world to many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Poland, which was particularly special for her as Josef was Polish.

In 1959, her adored son Michael, was born. Throughout her life he gave her immense pleasure, especially when Michael married Helen and together they produced her much loved grandchildren, Emma, Rebecca, Josef and Catherine.

Marjorie was a stalwart (dictionary definition: sturdy, strong, courageous, resolute, loyal, uncompromising partisan), how else would best describe her! This applied to her both as a person and as a custodian of her worshipped family and Irish Setters.

As a ‘gal’ she worked in Barclays Bank, Central London, throughout the war and lived life to the full. I once asked if she were ever a debutante. ‘No’, she replied, ‘Auntie thought me far too naughty to be presented’. She was a staunch Loyalist and enthusiastic member of the Conservative Party.

When Michael felt Mother would be better living near to him and, following illness, she duly moved to Menston in Yorkshire, she knew more about the area than many who lived there all their lives.

Having joined the local branch of the Conservative Party, she had the Lord Mayor and MPs dropping in to share a chat and a drink regularly.

Marjorie lived life to the full, leaving no stone unturned and always expected everyone around her to do the same. If they did not they were tossed aside in a breath. Her friends and supporters needed strength and fortitude; otherwise they were washed away in the waves of her determination. One of her most committed friends was Jacqui Ward who handled her last Irish, Joanmas Igor, and was always at hand when needed. As Marjorie’s health deteriorated she had such support from ‘her treasure’, Mandy, who helped in the home and with Igor. Her devotion went far beyond the call of duty.

Those who knew Marjorie, through that unbending exterior, admired and loved her eccentricities and her unyielding fire. Even when she annoyed us, we had to smile, indeed still do, for this was a lady of the old school who devoured life with courage and focus.

Her memory will live on; the legacy left through her Irish Setters and, more importantly, her adored son, Michael, Helen and her four grandchildren.

Raise a glass of champagne, Marjorie would have!

Patsy Hollings

Pam Muggleston

Some of our older exhibitors may well remember a very lovely lady who sadly passed away last week. I refer to Pam Muggleston (nee Meakin) of Tamworth in Staffs, after an illness bravely fought for several years.

Pam was for a time the Secretary of the Bromsgrove & District Canine Society where she was respected and loved. She bred Dandie Dinmont Terriers for many years and later became fascinated by the Portuguese Waterdog and acquired a puppy which she showed with some considerable success. Her heart was truly with her dogs.

Our sympathy goes out to her husband and her family at this time. Her funeral will take place at 1pm on Monday 15th January at the Sutton Coldfield Crematorium.

Doreen Reynolds