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Staffie reunited with owner

A 15-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who went missing nearly a month ago has been reunited with his owners after being found... over 100 miles away from home.

Shadow had gone on a trip to Birmingham with his owner Sam Singh from Cardiff when he escaped from his van. Despite searching for him for three hours, Mr Singh was forced to return to Cardiff without Shadow later that day on December 20 and break the news to his family.

The family returned to Handsworth, in Birmingham, later that evening but, despite contacting the RSPCA, Pet Search and Animal Hospital, they could not find any trace. Mr Singh even contacted BBC Radio Birmingham, which broadcast an appeal for anyone who had seen Shadow to get in contact.

Shadow, however, had been found wandering in a park three miles away by a dog lover, who took him in until his owners were found. She also contacted local animal charities, but it took a couple of weeks before Mr and Mrs Singh, who have three sonswere able to be traced and they were eventually contacted on New Year's Day.

Pat Greeves, owner of Pet Search, which helped find Mr and Mrs Singh, said: 'Shadow's journey is a bit special as he and his owners were reunited despite being so far away.' Shirley Cresswell, from Sad Rescue, who also helped, said seven members of the family arrived to collect Shadow on January 1.