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Jolly start to 2007 for vet nurse Helen!

Veterinary Nurse Helen Carpenter from Coutts Veterinary Surgery in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire had a jolly good start to the New Year after discovering she is the winner of £100 worth of Health Spa Vouchers.

Over the Christmas period, Petlog, the largest pet reunification service in the UK and Veterinary Nursing Times celebrated the festive season by offering one lucky Veterinary Nurse the opportunity to win this fantastic prize. All they had to do was answer two questions correctly, which were then entered into a draw. The competition was also run as a thank you to all the Veterinary Nurses through out the UK for their ongoing support and a successful year of reuniting pets and owners.

To date, Petlog has dealt with over 70,000 reunification calls, and this success reflects the important part nurses play in encouraging pet owners to properly identify their pets through microchipping and encouraging them to update their details – whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, tortoise or even a horse – so that, when found, they can be reunited quickly.

Helen said: ‘I was really excited when I heard the news. It made my day and I have to say I’m really looking forward to spending a day being pampered at a Spa Seekers’ Health Spa. Having been a Veterinary Nurse for 16 years and the last two at Coutts Veterinary Surgery, I am only too aware how devastating it can be for a pet owner to lose a pet but also how much joy it brings in seeing them reunited together again.

‘Thousands of pets are lost every year and unfortunately many are not reunited with their owners as they don’t have any form of identification. This is why I actively encourage people to have their pets microchipped. It is a responsible thing to do and if your pet does go missing it increases its chances of coming home.’

Based in Buckinghamshire, Petlog is the largest pet reunification service in the UK, and is dedicated to helping owners find their lost pets. Its database stores over 3,500,000 records and is available 24 hours a day to authorised bodies such as animal wardens or animal welfare centres, who can scan the chips in found animals and trace their owners via the Petlog database.

To see the wide range of services for owners of microchipped animals or for further information about Petlog, please visit