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Avante seeks loving home

Staff at Dogs Trust Snetterton Rehoming Centre are desperately looking for a home for a beautiful German Shepherd Dog crossbreed called Avante. The friendly eight year old dog was brought to the centre as a stray, but has so far struggled to find a new home.

Avante is a friendly girl with a lovely nature and gets on well with all members of staff at the centre. She loves playing with toys and is very sociable with other dogs. She is also very clean in kennels and staff feel that she could be easily house trained.

One aspect which might be deterring people from rehoming Avante is that she has a medical condition called Panus, a recognised condition in German Shepherd Dogs where the clear part of the eye becomes inflamed and thus makes them partially sighted. By taking eye drops it will prevent Avante’s eyes from becoming sore. Avante will need to take eye drops for the rest of her life and Dogs Trust will continue to pay for her eye medication.

Avante is looking for an active home with owners who are knowledgeable of German Shepherd Dog traits. Adopters will need to appreciate that because Avante has partial eyesight she may bark if surprised.

Avante is unable to live with cats, but can live with another dog, either male or female. She gets on well with children, but can only live with children over the age of 10, although if younger children are visiting then Avante is fine. Her new owners will also need to make sure that they have a secure garden area with a 5 – 6 ft fence height and she should not be left alone for more than 3 – 4 hours.

Dogs Trust Snetterton Rehoming Centre Manager, Diane McLelland-Taylor comments:

“Avante is such a lovely dog; it’s a real shame if she is not being rehomed due to her eye condition. It really doesn’t prevent her enjoying an active lifestyle and she has formed such lovely relationships with staff here, I’m sure her new owner will fall in love with her as easily as we have. The condition she has does not make her look ugly - the kindness in her eyes still shines through!”

If you think you have the perfect home for Avante, please contact Dogs Trust Snetterton Rehoming Centre on 01953 498 377 or visit the centre between 12.00 midday and 4.00pm any day (except Tuesdays when the centre is closed) free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.