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Explosives dogs awarded PDSA gold medal

POLICE EXPLOSIVES search dogs that worked through the devastation caused by the horrific terrorist attacks on London's public transport system on 7 July 2005 are to receive the PDSA Gold Medal - the animals' George Cross - for their gallantry and devotion to duty.

Labradors, Vinnie and Billy and spaniel, Hubble Keck (pet name Jake), have been chosen by their respective Police Forces - the British Transport Police, the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police - to represent all 14 Police explosive search dogs that worked in London on the day of the bombing.

The dogs received their PDSA Gold Medals from PDSA Patron, HRH Princess Alexandra, at a special ceremony at St. James's Palace on Tuesday this week.

Marilyn Rydström, Director General of PDSA said: ‘It is our honour to announce the award of the PDSA Gold Medal to these skilled and extraordinary dogs. Their presence proved invaluable on that fateful day and they continue to work with tireless courage on our behalf, detecting danger and protecting lives. We can all feel safer knowing these dogs and their handlers are on duty.’
The fourteen Police explosives search dog teams were deployed to locate possible secondary terrorist devices at the four bomb attack sites in order to secure safe access for the Emergency Services to those trapped or injured.

‘In the face of indescribable devastation and trauma, the dogs remained calm and steadfast. Their gallantry helped save lives by ensuring medical assistance reached the casualties as quickly as safely as possible,’ added Marilyn.