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Stafford swept away in floods

A horrified Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner has appealed for others to take special care of their dogs in and around flooded areas after watching her dog, Luca, being swept away as strong currents and crashing water prevented her from reaching him in time.

Jenny Westbrook of York dove into the River Ouse to rescue Luca, and is now making a heartbreaking double appeal for anyone who finds Luca to return him promptly whilst urging other dog owners to keep their pets away from the water.

Jenny told Our Dogs: "He was under the water for about five seconds and t hen he came up. We both jumped in to try to get him but he just vanished.

We called the fire brigade and they had a boat out trying to find him but the currents were so strong that he just disappeared. He could have just been dragged away and ended up anywhere.

Floods have devastated parts of Yorkshire, Shropshire and the Midlands.