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Woman faces jail for starving dog

A MOTHER-OF-THREE is facing a jail sentence for starving the family dog at her home in Wolverhampton.

Mastiff crossbreed Prince was two-thirds of its healthy weight when the RSPCA rescued him, the city’s magistrates’ court was told.

Kuldip Kaur, aged 38, admitted last week to not providing food for the emaciated dog and not taking him to a vet during a two-week period in March this year.

Mr Roger Price, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said an inspector found Prince in the back garden at Kaur’s home on March 20.

The dog had marks where its bones had been rubbing through its skin on hard floors and ‘deep hollows’ above its eyes, it was said.

Mr Price said: ‘The inspector could see that the ribs of the dog were clearly visible, as were the vertebrae of the spine. ‘The skeletal structure was visible. In the opinion of the vet, the animal was emaciated.

‘When the dog would lie down, there was no visible padding and the dog was rubbing bone against hard floor. The vet’s opinion was that the dog had been under fed for a period of two weeks, possibly longer.’

Prince weighed in at just 19.2kg. A healthy weight for a Mastiff or a breed of similar size would have been 30kg.

In interview, Kaur, who had owned the dog for 10 years, said her partner had been jailed in July last year and Prince had been going ‘downhill’ since then. She said she hoped Prince’s condition would improve and it was not a case of deliberate cruelty.

Sentencing was adjourned until July 9 for a Probation Service report on Kaur to be drawn up. Prince is now on the road to recovery and is set to be rehomed by the RSPCA.