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First casualties of Dublin breed ban

The first casualties of the ban on so called dangerous breeds were dumped in the Blessington area on Tuesday morning this week. They are a Rottweiler and German Shepherd found in Blessington. Both were taken to Dunboyne Pound.

Bernie Wright, Press Officer for the Alliance for Animal Rights Said ‘This is only the start. I rang Dublin City Council earlier today and the fact that this bill was brought in without any forethought or planning is becoming more and more obvious.

‘On radio Newstalk on Monday night the DCC said there was no panic as an appeals board was set up to examine every case. On ringing the DCC to speak to someone this morning, I was just offered a call back. It appears a Mr Brendan Hayden is now the person to write too as he is the Appeals Person.

‘Also I was told the dog wardens will be calling to seize the dog as the ban is in place, having started on July 1st.The dog wardens will operate the job of seizing the dogs, then people can write to Brendan Hayden in the form of an appeal. They will tell me nothing else but that 'this is only new we don’t know yet the sequence of how a seizure will unfold.’

‘So will a family pet be taken to the pound pending an appeal? I don’t think they even know themselves! We need to keep the pressure on and fight back! This law is unjust, cruel, and unworkable.’