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Low Cost Alternative Combats High Prescription Charges

A year long investigation by the Competition Commission into the supply of prescription-only veterinary medicines at the behest of the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Patricia Hewitt, uncovered certain monopoly situations as described within the Fair Trading Act of 1973.

The findings have now led to radical changes in the way veterinary prescription medicines are supplied. With the introduction of independent veterinary prescription dispensing services clients can now make substantial savings when purchasing animal medicines.

One of the key players offering low cost animal medicines is The company has firmly established itself as one of the UK's leading discount veterinary pharmacies offering average savings of over 30% and sometimes much more.

Pet owners find the cost of owning a pet has rocketed, and a recent survey showed that costs are continuing to increase by 5% each year. The survey reckoned that the lifetime expenditure on a dog is now just under £9000 of which a staggering 19% is from vets' fees alone. already have over 165,000 clients, mainly "professional" breeders and keepers of animals. It is anticipated that the company will see substantial growth as private pet owners now have the opportunity of purchasing their pets medicines online, and at greatly reduced costs.

Naturally veterinary practices are not too happy with the rulings of the Competitions Commission's report. The new rulings mean that a vet must provide clients with a prescription, exactly as a doctor would a patient and without additional charge. As a specialised veterinary pharmacy can then dispense this prescription.

It is important to remember that although many pet owners have pet insurance there are often limits to its extent. Additionally, many policies exclude older animals and these are usually the animals that need treatment most. With many owners being retired or on fixed incomes, there is often a struggle to afford essential medicines, forcing them to make difficult decisions.

Modern medicines can improve a pet's quality of life and their life expectancy. With no form of NHS available for animals, the savings made by buying animal medicines from make a real difference and enable our pets to enjoy happier and longer lives.