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Home at last...
Dogue de Bordeaux found after two year search

Sumo, a Dogue de Bordeaux from Doncaster has recently been reunited with his family after being missing for over 2 years. Sumo is just one of the many thousands of pets reunited with their owners, thanks to Petlog, the largest pet reunification service in the UK, which helps to safeguard over 3million pets.

Home at lastSadly, thousands of pets go missing every year and many are not reunited with their owners as they do not have any form of identification. Sumo’s remarkable and emotional story is just one of the many success stories where pets have been reunited because their owners have taken responsibility for their pet’s safety and welfare by having a microchip painlessly inserted under the dog’s skin.

Sumo was stolen in January 2005 along with two other dogs from Lisa Mills’ kennel at her home in Doncaster. Lisa vividly remembers the distress that Sumo’s disappearance caused: "I came home from work one day and Sumo was missing along with two of my other dogs and my horse trailer. I was absolutely heartbroken. It was like one of the family had been kidnapped. I was totally devastated but I managed to notify vets up and down the country, put up posters and place ads in the local papers and on TV. I followed up possible sightings and made sure the police and dog wardens were aware of my missing dogs."

Remarkably it wasn’t until June this year that Sumo was discovered, several miles away in Rotherham, by a dog warden who scanned him to find out whether he was microchipped. Luckily for Sumo he was microchipped and could therefore be identified.

Continued Lisa; "It’s brilliant being reunited with Sumo after 2_ years. It really has filled the space he left when he went missing. I am so pleased to hear that he was fit and well when found. If it wasn’t for Petlog, Sumo could never have been identified and the dog warden wouldn’t have known he’d been stolen. I only hope that the same happens with my other two dogs which I still miss terribly."

Said Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary; "This story comes just at the end of National Microchipping Month, when vets up and down the country have been holding special clinics aiming to raise awareness of how important it is to have your pet microchipped. This story really highlights why microchipping is the best method of permanent pet identification. National Microchipping Month provided a great opportunity for pet owners to develop their understanding of the process involved and the services available to them and their pets."