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Homeless dogs adopted online

HOMELESS DOGS found in the south Yorkshire city of Sheffield can now be adopted through the City Council's web site.

Sheffield Council's Animal Control Service has just created its first online adoption centre, where people can view the dogs that are in their kennels before visiting to see if there is a suitable dog for them.

Apart from the pictures of the dogs available, the pages also give information about looking after a dog and the adoption service.

The Council's Animal Control Service picks up around 500 to 600 dogs a year that are found wandering the streets uncontrolled. Since October 2004 the Animal Control Service has picked up 1,765 dogs from the streets of Sheffield.

After assessment, 436 new homes were found, meaning 24.7% of the dogs picked up were adopted.

The rest are either returned directly to their original owners, sent to rescue centres or, in a few cases, have to be put to sleep.

The Service only has to put down around 5% of the dogs it collects and this is very much a last resort. The dogs put down are only those that are too vicious to re-house or dogs that are suffering due to health problems or injury, such as road traffic accidents.

Councillor Gill Furniss, the Council's Cabinet Adviser for Sustainable Environment said: ‘We are proud of the Animal Control Service and their excellent record in avoiding the unnecessary destruction of dogs that they collect.

‘Our staff work very closely with other organisations to promote responsible dog ownership and to find someone who can help with finding new homes for the dogs that we pick up.’

* Details of the dogs available can be viewed by visiting or then phoning 0114 203 7410/7411/7415 to arrange to see the dogs.