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RED CAPE launch new Innovative Premium Grooming Range


ReQual is the name of the new company that was recently founded by CertoGroup in collaboration with Italian Groomer, Gianni Davito .

CertoGroup is the Dutch based leader in the market of Pet Cosmetics.

Co founder Gianni Davito is assumed to be one of Europe's finest technicians, especially recognized for his rich experience in chemistry labs and being a professional groomer most of his life, he is well placed to research and develop this outstanding product. This unique set of related skills and experiences is now part of reQual Company, bringing together three major areas of expertise:

1) innovative experience in a scientific environment

2) toiletry professionalism and

3) marketing specialists.

The market introduction of the new trademark “re Qual Technique” took place in the second quarter of 2006. This new premium line consists of highly innovative grooming products and is the result of three years of intensive research, technical testing and studies.

reQual Technique products are enriched with two basic active ingredients:

“Re Complex” and “Re Exential”. The presence of these ingredients serves as the basic preparation of various treatments and, with regular use, ensures an immediate result on any type of texture on skin or hair of the pet.

The formulas carry organic beauty supplements which are capable of quickly introducing the aesthetic elements indispensable for keeping the hair and skin of the pet in perfect balance. ReQual will present the line, its study criteria and the specifications for the various products in a short period of time. Meanwhile the first results are beyond expectation and are indeed a solid base for a further progressive development.

ReQual is fully equipped to demonstrate the reQual line as effectively as possible. Groomers, show kennels and other future users are welcome to join and attend a promotional course/day hosted by UK distributor Red Cape to learn and obtain results by using the products. Dates and venues to be confirmed shortly.

ReQual will be launched / introduced at Leeds Championship Dog Show by Red Cape where information will be available and we invite those seeking help or advice to come along and discuss their requirements.

For more information contact: RedCape
phone: 01937 584447