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Ban is an infringement of civil liberties say trainers

TWO DOG trainers from Ireland Tara Choules and Lisa Whelan, Directors of Dog Training Ireland Ltd organised a peaceful demonstration against outside Dublin City Council HQ last Friday, which was well-attended by over 100 outraged dog owners.

We ask that innocent pet dogs and owners are not targeted and punished because of other irresponsible dog owners. We ask that dogs are not needlessly destroyed because of this over night decision and discrimination against those living in council accommodations. We ask that this ban be lifted until such time as proper consultation can be arranged and a working solution reached.

Rather than removing all dogs of a certain breed the council and the Gardai should seek towards enforcing the already existing control of dogs laws. A proper consultation process should be set-up to revise the current control of dogs act so that heavier penalties can be handed down to the irresponsible owners who break the control of dogs act laws. The areas of compulsory microchipping and breeding should also be revised.

l The ban is an outright infringement on the civil rights of the tenants in DCC accommodation.
l Innocent dogs are being destroyed right now in vets and pounds all over the country because of this ban. This adds to the already huge figure of dogs we destroy each year. Our pound systems cannot cope with this.

• This ban will only put more pressure on dog wardens, rescue centres and dog pounds. The resources are not there to deal with the existing problem.

• This ban will increase the number of dogs strayed.

• High cost - The council wishes to seize the dogs from their homes and loving owners, place them into an already overcrowded dog pound and ask the public to pay for this!

• Similar bans have FAILED in other European countries. For example Italy have a ban on over 90 breeds including the Corgi and the Collie. Where will this stop?

• No research or consultation process was completed. Dublin City Council is calling for a nationwide ban without a consultation process. Knee jerk reaction decisions like this do not benefit the public and lead to further problems.

Dublin city council have not yet produced any supporting information to support this ban. No bite stats, no breed information, no background studies done, no working group set-up, no consultation process with professionals such as behaviourists and vets.

Dublin city council are ‘UNAVAILABLE’ for explanation. This is not democratic and goes against our civil rights as Irish citizens.

For more information on this demonstration please contact: Tara and Lisa at: and sign their petition via their website: