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Lost Border Collie

DOG OWNERS are being urged to keep an eye out for a lost Border Collie that animal behaviour experts believe is on an incredible journey home to the West Midlands.

Black and white Annie has been missing since the beginning of June when she went missing while out walking with her family in the beautiful Welsh Brecon Beacons.

While a frantic search for the distinctive four-year-old continues in the area in which she went missing, it is now believed she is using the powerful homing instinct she has in order to make her way home to Lichfield.

It is believed Annie will stick to waterways such as rivers and canals - sources of water and safety - as she continues her journey across country to her home. People are being urged to be on their guard and to pay specific attention to canals and green areas where Annie could be completing her mammoth trek.

Owner Lindsey Simkin explained: "Annie is a family dog who found her new home and life with us after being rescued from a centre.She is a part of the family and home is not the same without her. We refuse to give up the search for her and while we are astounded by the information dog experts have given us, we are determined to follow her as she makes her way home and bring her back to safety.

People who see Annie are asked to call 01543 253512 or 07985 938751

Lindsey and her family are being assisted in their search for Annie by an online organisation that uses volunteers to assist the owners of lost and stolen dogs by scouring the streets, joining search parties, putting up leaflets and sharing best practice.