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Pride in being the best!

Norfolk Industries has been manufacturing paper bedding and 'fluff' bedding for small animals and dogs for a number of years.

We have gained a good reputation for delivery of a quality product on time and at a price that is competitive and reasonable. We do not deal in inferior quality raw materials, although we have sometimes been asked if we can supply materials which are not of such a high quality at a lower cost. Our answer, however has always been no. We believe that your dog(s) should be given the best product possible, within normal price constraints, as you would expect for your children or family. Therefore we do not deal in inferior materials; we always seek the best possible materials for our customers.

We have secured a source of high quality material suitable for dog bedding, and our good relationship with the supplier means that this source is secure and on-going. The material is clean and dust free, and is a by-product of a material which is normally used in highly sterile working environments. Using the material in this way, not only enables us to supply our customers with a high quality product, but helps with environmental issues as it would normally end up in land fill sites.

Our customers are the most important part of our business. To this end we consult regularly with our customers to determine: product suitability for different applications; improvements we can make for greater customer satisfaction; delivery period requirements; and other factors which ensure the customer is fully satisfied with our service delivery. We pride ourselves on being the best and we would like you the customer to benefit from that. If you would like a sample or to place an order please contact our sales department on 01603 667957.