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Animals rescued by RSPCA as flood response continues

SIXTY-TWO PEOPLE have been rescued and 1,500 animals assisted by the RSPCA’s flood rescue teams so far in the afflicted counties of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and neighbouring areas.

Earlier this week, the animal welfare charity deployed up to a third of its field staff to the region, declaring a national emergency as it battles to cope with the effects of the floods and the failing clean water supplies.

‘This situation is unprecedented. There hasn’t been a time in living memory when the RSPCA has deployed so many officers to one blighted area. I’m immensely proud of their response,’ said RSPCA Superintendent Tim Wass.

With at least 16 RSPCA boats deployed across the region, the society has been working alongside the emergency services and the Red Cross to help communities in crisis. Paramedics have been transported in RSPCA boats to assist those in need of emergency medical help, and electrical engineers have been ferried to substations at risk from the rising waters.

So far those animals rescued include eight Yorkshire terriers in a lorry marooned in rising water in Sandhurst, near Gloucester; and six dogs in a flooded house in Longford, Gloucester. On the same day four people and 12 dogs were also rescued from a property in Witney, Oxfordshire.