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CLA Game Fair becomes another weather victim

The CLA Game Fair due to be held on the harewood estate this weekend has be cancelled. Adverse, and worse than predicted weather which hit Harewood Estate over last weekend defeated all the efforts the organisers had made in order to safely open the show.

CLA Game FairUp until then the gallant efforts of the 100 strong site team and the added financial commitment made by the CLA to keep the site in good condition and build up on target meant that the show organisers remained confident that they would be able to receive the contractors and exhibitors from last Monday in the run up to the show.


Despite weeks of rain the site was drying out well before the deluge of rain on the Friday afternoon, that made Leeds championship show a quagmire. The site became saturated with water lying in all areas of the showground. Vehicle movement was banned other than along the 4000 metres of trackway and acres of bark that had been put along all the show rows.

The announcement came last Sunday evening after a site meeting with the heads of the CLA and The Game Fair Board, which had given full consideration to all health and safety advice.


The Chairman of The CLA Game Fair Board, Vincent Hedley Lewis, stated ‘Ourselves aside, our hearts go out to all the people who’s livelihood is going to be affected by our not being able to go ahead. We have truly done all we could to keep the show going for everyone’s sake. To proceed with the wet conditions we are experiencing would be a health and safety risk as well as an even greater financial loss to the hundreds of businesses and individuals who support us each year. We were not defeated by foot and mouth in 2001 but the rain has defeated us this summer.’

Next year’s event will be held at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.