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Obitituary - John Creed

We were all deeply saddened to learn of the death of our old friend, John Creed. He had not been in the best of health for some time though his interest in dog shows and his determination to get to those with which he had especial interest was not diminished. To within a few days of his death he was making plans to attend a Parson club show.

John’s interests began with Russells long before they became recognised in which process he played an influential part. He worked them with the Duke of Beaufort’s as in later years he did with Border terriers Over the years his small but successful Bannerdown kennel, of which wife Pam was a vital part, consisted of Border terriers, Wire Fox terriers and Parson Russell terriers and produced champions in all these breeds. We treasure the memory of uproarious nights spent at Batheaston and on Ashworth Moor. He was invariably good company and his sense of mischief was never far from the surface.

John will be missed by his many friends, his ten children, his grandchildren and by Pam his wife who herself has not enjoyed the best of health in recent years. John’s passing will leave a void in the Border terrier world.

Frank Jackson

The funeral will take place on Friday, July 27th at 2pm at St John the Baptist church, Northend Road, Batheaston. Batheaston is on the east side of Bath on the A4 - the road to the church is at a very difficult junction going uphill quite sharply at Brow Hill.