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Eukanuba world challenge

Eukanuba premium dog food manufacturer proudly announced at the European Dog Show in Zagreb that they were introducing a totally innovative and exciting international challenge to the world of show dogs.

It is an additional event to be hosted at the prestigious AKC/Eukanuba National Championship on 1st & 2nd December 2007 in Long Beach, California. Building upon their already successful relationship with the AKC, Eukanuba, working harmoniously with the FCI & National Kennel Clubs, will host an expenses paid seven day trip (terms and conditions will apply, information available at ). They will invite the 40 top dogs plus two people per dog. Those dogs who will represent their countries from around the world including one dog from the UK, one from America, one from Canada & 37 from FCI member countries will compete for the highly coveted title "Eukanuba World Challenge Champion". The winner of the Eukanuba World Challenge will win $10,000, and their National Kennel Club will receive a $5,000 donation from Eukanuba. The runner up wins $3,000 and the first runner up wins $2,000.

Each of the participating countries, selected by Eukanuba, can nominate their representative dog based on a ranking system of their choice; as in the UK for example it will be based on points gained for Group & BIS wins at All Breed General Championship Shows (full details listed below). Alternatively they may designate a specific show where the BIS winner will be selected to represent their country e.g. the AKC has designated the BIS winner of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to represent America in the Eukanuba World Challenge 2007.

The Eukanuba World Challenge event will be divided into three geographical sections; Europe & Africa, Asia & Australia, & The Americas including Canada. The international judges will be announced in due course, one judge for each section will select one dog, the three dogs will then be judged by another officiating judge and the three finalists will be competing for the Eukanuba World Challenge title along with the prize money. This is an exciting prospect for breeders / owners and handlers worldwide. Eukanuba’s involvement corroborates its continued commitment to bring out the excellence of dogs by providing breeders/ owners and handlers the ultimate nutrition.

Furthermore the participating dogs in the Eukanuba World Challenge will be eligible to enter the regular breed competition providing they are a recognised AKC breed. They will have the possibility of winning BIS and $50,000. Those dogs who are owner/handler bred are also eligible to compete for Best Bred -By- Exhibitor in Show and $15,000. The regular competition is open to dogs from around the world at their own expense. All BOB & BOS winners at Crufts have been sent an AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Qualifying Award Certificate (a selection process which was sanctioned by the Kennel Club). FCI member countries select their Top 7 dogs of each AKC recognised breed who are invited to compete. Dogs from America are selected on a combination of a ranking system and specific designated shows. This prestigious show has many other events taking place over the two days including the Agility and the Obedience Invitational, Breeder Awards, ACE Awards, Meet The Breeds etc. There are multiple vendor stands including the British Kennel Club who promote Crufts "The World‘s Greatest Dog Show". The judging, held over two days, culminates in evening group judging and a "glitzy and glamorous" Best In Show. All the events are televised by Animal Planet who bill it as "The Planet’s Greatest Dog Show".
Preceding the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, on the 28/29/30th November there is a three day cluster of shows at which the overseas dogs can compete.

Exhibitors who wish to register an interest for these other shows please contact Michael Canalizo, Director of AKC Event Management by e-mail:

Any dog who is fortunate to earn 3 x 5 point majors at those shows will gain their AKC Champion Title. In order for the Championship title to be recorded, those dogs would need to register with the AKC. It is important to note that dogs can compete in the USA at AKC licensed shows for up to 30 days without being AKC registered provided they are registered in a country whose kennel club registry is recognised by the AKC. A collaboration of Eukanuba, the AKC, individual Kennel Clubs and the FCI on a worldwide scale, enables an event at which some of the world’s best dogs can compete at this unique competition.

UK Qualifying Criteria for Participation

All eligible dogs must have earned at least one CC or a Best of Sex Award during the qualifying period. Dogs must win points at UK All Breed General Championship Shows, these points will be accumulated from Group placings and BIS wins. This will be confirmed by Eukanuba. The points system can be viewed on the Our Dogs website Points are accumulated as follows: Group 1 = 10 points, Group 2 = 7 points, Group 3 = 5 points, Group 4 = 3 points a further 10 points are allocated to BIS wins and 5 points to RBIS wins. These points will be accumulated from all breed General Championship Shows for the period from December 8th 2006 until 30th Sept 2007.

The owner of the dog must be 18 years or over and will be made a member of the Eukanuba Breeder Club, no purchase is required.

Dogs must hold a valid Pet Passport in compliance with Defra. Full information can be obtained by visiting the Defra Website and clicking on the PETS page

Dogs must fulfil the United States Department of Agriculture requirements which can be viewed on

All those travelling need to be in compliance with the health and administration requirements, passports and visas requirements and with the US immigration regulations. Visit for further details.

For further and updated information can be viewed at or

For Eukanuba Breeder Club & Point Enquires please contact the National Breeder Manager, Mike Bloxsome on or tel 01932 896 882 or visit the Eukanuba Stand at one of the General Championship Shows.

For Press Enquires contact Lorna Hastings on or tel +44 (0)7774 838505