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KC to monitor judges

The KENNEL Club has announced that it intends to monitor judges at all levels in a bid to provide value for the time, training, effort and money which exhibitors and competitors put into competing, more often than not on a weekly basis.

The KC has also indicated that it will watch carefully the decisions of Championship Judges in particular, choices which it feels will ultimately affect the future development of a particular breed and/or respective discipline concerned.

In order for the Kennel Club to fulfil its responsibilities to all those involved in its licensed events, the Kennel Club will monitor the performance of Judges for compliance with Kennel Club Regulations and compliance with the Code of Best Practice for Judges.

In its role as the governing body for all competitions held under its Regulations, the Kennel Club is under no obligation to notify judges in advance in order to observe and/or evaluate their judging. However, if concerns are raised as a result these would be referred to the Judge for comment before any conclusion is reached.