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New national pet vaccination scheme

The Kennel Owners’ and Breeders’ Association (KOBrA) has launched the first of over 200 planned animal vaccination clinics, in an effort to make vaccinating pets more affordable for their owners.

KOBrA clinicKOBrA's managing director, John Darlington says: ‘Pet vaccination is not a luxury in today's society. Diseases such as leishmaniasis and babseosis are on the increase, so the need to vaccinate is becoming more important for pet owners. ‘Considerably more dogs are boarding in kennels each year, than those which are vaccinated, so owners who don't vaccinate run the risk of theirpets catching infections.’

The first establishment to run a vaccination clinic is Castlerock Boarding Kennels and Cattery, just outside Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Kennel owner Dorothy Brooks says: "The vaccination clinic will offer local pet owners an alternative choice for vaccinating their pets as well as providing me with a way to expand my kennel business."

The scheme, hopes to improve pet owners uptake of immunisation and worming services for their animals and increase the numbers of pets who are vaccinated by 10% over the next five years.